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CICN Webinar - Menu Strategies for Special Diets and Allergens
Designing menus for students with allergies and special diets can be a challenge. This webinar will provide tips and strategies to help you move from menu challenges to customer service opportunities. Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), USDA Food And Nutrition Services (FNS) Food Distribution, and the Laveen School District Menu Planner will provide information on how to enhance your menu offerings for students requiring menus to meet their unique needs.

Please note: the focus of the webinar is menu planning. Please visit theICN.org for food safety and regulation-specific training.

After the webinar, participants will identify strategies to increase and enhance Special Diet and Allergen Aware menu items in their foodservice operation.

SNA Key Area(s): 1 - Nutrition

USDA Professional Standard Code(s): Nutrition – 1000; MENU PLANNING – 1100


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