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STAR Webinar-Recognizing the Dedication and Strength of School Nutrition Heroes
During the November STAR Webinar, ICN will recognize the dedication and work of school nutrition staff across the nation.

Although most, if not all, of you have faced difficult situations, you continue to work long, hard hours to meet the increasing demand of serving millions of students. Your innovative and creative ideas to adapt and resolve the challenges of the supply chain disruptions and staff shortages are unmatched. Thank you for all that you do, School Nutrition Heroes!

Also, join us to hear the Epping School District (NH) and the Seattle Public Schools (WA) share the actions they have taken to address their current challenges and to creatively serve nutritious meals in the safest way possible.

Recall the strategies utilized by school districts throughout the nation to address challenges to continue operations of child nutrition programs.

SNA Key Area(s): 2-Operations, 3-Administration
USDA Professional Standard Code(s): 2000, 3000


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