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STAR - Back-to-School: Best Practices and Tips to Prepare Healthy School Meals
Healthy, creative meals in schools are a key aspect of successful program participation among students. The way food is presented, along with its texture, taste, and smell, can influence your students’ perception of their dining experience—it also says a lot about the quality of the food served. Join us for the August Back-to-School webinar to hear operators share successful strategies and tips for preparing creative, nutritious meals for kids.

Identify strategies and tips for preparing healthy, creative school meals.

SNA Key Area(s):
2 - Operations

USDA Professional Standard Code(s):
2230 – Maintaining Food Quality and Appearance


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Vince Caugin
Executive Director of Nutrition Services and Warehousing @Natoma Unified School District, CA
Vince Caguin MBA, is the Executive Director of Nutrition Services & Warehousing at Natomas Unified School District where he oversees the service of breakfast, lunch, supper, and summer meals.  He is a former Academic Department Chair at Le Cordon Bleu Los Angeles. Currently he is an instructor, proctor, and item writer for the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation and a consultant  for the Institute of Child Nutrition.
Lisa Hayes
Food Service Manager @Liberty High School, School District of Pickens County, SC
Lisa Hayes is the Food Service Manager at Liberty High, at the School District of Pickens County in SC. Lisa has worked in the foodservice industry for over 27 years, and was a restaurant owner before taking the leap to school foodservice 12 years ago. Lisa is an active member of the SNA and named The Food Service Manager of the Year in SC. She has an Associate’s Degree in Business Management and Accounting.
Jen Kapinus
Food Service Director @North Crawford School District, WI
Jennifer Kapinus is the Director of Food Services for the North Crawford School District in Southwestern WI. She previously served as the Chairperson of Disaster Services with the Salvation Army of Crawford County, WI. At North Crawford, Jennifer has worked to grow the district's farm-to-school program and takes great pride in serving primarily made-from-scratch meals to her students. Jennifer enjoys creating new recipes that raise the bar for students and staff and is passionate about feeding students a wide variety of nutritious and delicious meals.