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STAR Webinar - Back to School: Preparing to Pivot with a Food Safety Focus
The August STAR webinar will feature USDA Office of Food Safety just ahead of National Food Safety Education month. In response to many operators pivoting to meet the needs of hybrid learners, this webinar will explore a hybrid of tips and practices that aid in promoting a culture of food safety. The webinar aims to cover characteristics of a food-safe environment, emergency preparedness, safe water systems, and more.

Attendees will:
• Learn strategies to develop a culture of food safety in the school community.
• Identify characteristics of a food safe environment and methods to maintain a food safe facility.
• Respond to food safety challenges and operation changes that may be caused by inclement weather and emergencies.
• Understand the importance of maintaining safe water systems and addressing water safety when reopening school buildings.

SNA Key Area(s):
2 - Operations

USDA Professional Standard Code(s):
2640 – Promote a Culture of Food Safety


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