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STAR Webinar - Back to School: Managing Personalities and Conflict
SNA Key Area(s): 3 Human Resources and Staff Training & 4 Communications and Marketing

USDA Professional Standard Code(s): 3400 Human Resources and Staff Training &
4100 Communications and Marketing

Attendees will be able to:
•Describe the role personalities, biases, and stereotypes play in conflict.
•Identify effective management techniques and skills to build productive behaviors and promote successful conflict resolution.
• Determine how personal biases and stereotypes can limit teamwork and diversity in the workplace.

The August STAR Webinar will explore the many factors that may influence the way people interact and respond to conflict, including self-reflection which looks at personality characteristics and attitudes, in addition to existing biases and stereotypes. Finally, you’ll engage in identifying non-productive behaviors and building skills that will help promote successful conflict resolution.
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