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STAR Webinar-Maintaining Customer Service While Serving at a Distance
SNA Key Area(s): 4 Communications
USDA Professional Standard Code(s): 4000

Maintaining customer service in child nutrition programs is essential and requires even more focus during unexpected times. It is important for school nutrition professionals to stay inspired and deliver exceptional service while navigating the current parameters for program operations. Join us on this webinar to hear from professionals in the field who maintained high-quality customer service during the 2019-2020 school closures, and the best practices and key information they are including in their back to school plans. Participants will walk away with strategies that can be shared with their teams to help everyone stay motivated and learn how to maintain excellent customer service.

Attendees will be able to
• Identify emerging best practices for maintaining high-quality customer service
• Determine the key strategies for delivering high-quality customer service for back to school planning
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