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USDA OFS's COVID-19 Webinar Series: The 2020 Safe Food Handler
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The purpose of this webinar series is to provide current, accurate information and resources to FNS program operators to mitigate risk of foodborne illness and COVID-19 transmission through the service of meals in Child Nutrition Programs. The first webinar, "The Safe Food Handler" will provide the basics of food safety and COVID-19; personal hygiene including proper use of gloves, masks, and aprons; cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting; and social distancing.

1. Explain fundamental food safety practices to prevent foodborne illness and to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

2. Identify proper handwashing techniques and frequencies.

3. Practice correct glove use and disposal.

4. Demonstrate use and care of personal protective equipment, or PPE (face coverings and aprons).

5. Follow correct cleaning and sanitizing protocols to control for transmission of pathogens, including the coronavirus.

6. Understand the difference between chemical sanitizer and disinfectant agents, including appropriate applications of these chemicals.

7. Implement social distancing practices in food production and service.
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